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Veteran's Day Tournament - 11/10/2018

Results Summary

Flight #1
1st         $35 each           117       JOHN SEEGER, MICHAEL SCHWERIN, DAVID GONZALES, WILLIE BOWMAN
2nd        $25 each           117       FRANK BELL, RAY LEISY, BOB KRATTLI, MATT GALLAWAY
3rd         $18.75 each     118       GARY CHAPPELL, BILL JOHNSTON, DENNIS CONWAY, ARNOLD BERNAL

Flight #2
1st         $35 each           114       MIKE MCCLURE, BILL DRABIK, JIM SEYMOUR, LISI BETTENCOURT
2nd        $25 each           120       SHEL ROSENBLUM, RICK JAMES, RICHARD CROTSLEY, DOM CARRADERO
3rd         $18.75 each     120       JOHNNY MOORE, MANI HERNANDEZ, PRES MIRANDA, BOB DOLCI

Flight #3
1st         $35 each           114       TERRY BARNHART, BOB DANDO, DON FERNANDEZ, JIM KEANE
2nd        $25 each           116       CLAY WAHLGREN, BOB LIPPERT, BOB HOFFMAN
3rd         $18.75 each     117       DAVID COOK, DAVID KORB, LARRY PETERSON, JESSE RAMIREZ


Upcoming Men's Golf Club Events

December 8th
Holiday Tournament

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2019 Home & Home Tournaments

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2018 Home & Home Team at their end of year banquet and & awards party!


Welcome 2018 New Members
Maybe one is living in your neighborhood or right next door. Give them a call if you have a slot in your foursome or are looking for a playing partner. Click HERE to see a list of all 2017, 2016, and 2015 new members.

October 2018
Mario Silva, 8606 Vineyard Creek Court

September 2018
Dan Murphy, 8326 Pinotage Court

August 2018
Jon Ramirez, 8049 Chardonay Court

June 2018
David Dimmick, 3119 Lake Albano Circle
Glen Seidel, 7107 Via Portada
Pres Miranda, 8363 Riesling Way

May 2018
Will Ector, 7505 Deveron Ct.
Raul Juarez, 6099 Montgomery Ct.
Frank Loebig, 3332 Lake Albano Cir.

April 2018
Victoriano Castillo
Terry Slack, 7925 Caledonia Dr.
Jay McAmis, 8121 Cabernet Ct.

February 2018
Chad McDougall
Richard Petrys, 7057 Via Belmonte
Harry Davis, 8124 Cabernet Ct.


Congratulation to Hole-In-One and Eagle Shooters!!


Dick Fisher - Shot a HIO on #4 on September 5th

Ken Choi - Shot a HIO on #11 on August 1st

Frank Garcia - Shot a HIO on #11 on July 27th

Mike Singleton - Shot a HIO on #13 @Santa Clara GC on May 15th

Norvel Ney - Shot a HIO on #11 on January 25th

Eagle Shooters

Matt Galloway - Hole #2 on October 28th