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President's Day Results

Results Summary

Closest to the Hole #11      
$10 each        
0-10 HCP Leo Ruth 9 ft. 7 in.  
11-18 HCP Chon Gallegos 3 ft. 9 in.  
19+ HCP Jesse Ramirez 6 ft.    
1st FLIGHT     2nd Flight  
1st Place Arnold Bernal   1st Place Jesse Ramirez
132 Dennis Conway   127 Hal Hallock
$29.50 each Pres Miranda   $29.50 each Brooks Fuller
  Bill Johnston     Willy Weisend
2nd Place Jim Holt   2nd Place Johnny Moore
136 Gary Chappell   129 Jim Handyside
$25.50 each Micheal Tuft   $25.50 each Manny Hernandez
  Ken Peters     John Thomas
3rd Place Chon Gallegos   3rd Place Geoff Gault
137 Mickey Wagle   131 Don Kludt
$21.50 each Gary Swenson   $21.50 each Ken Cole
  Leo Ruth      
4th Place Quincy Virgilio   4th Place Ron Robinson
138 Paul Swinson   132 Tim Jarvis
$17.66 each Mickey Adelman   $17.66 each Brian Sullivan
  Ted Escobar     Bon Maass
3rd Flight        
1st Place Bob Lippert      
124 Clay Wahlgren      
$29.50 each Ben Vitkov      
  Tom Fedrow      
2nd Place Ron Burke      
128 C.K. Kim      
$25.50 each Jin Danielski      
  Rick Jiloty      
3rd Place Terry Barnhart      
130 Bob Dando      
$21.50 each Victor Castillo      
  Sherwin Bajao      
4th Place Mike Singleton      
130 George Olson      
$17.66 each Gary Sharps      
  Noel Lanctot    

2020 Changes to the Handicap System

Effective January 1st, 2020

Immediate Impact: What is your Postable Score for each round played?

This is a change from the current ESC system of “maximum double, 7, 8, or 9, based on handicap.”

NEW: The maximum score on any hole, for posting purposes, is NET double-bogey.

1. You must adjust the GROSS score on all holes (if greater than NET double), AND

2. Then adjust your Total POSTABLE score prior to posting

This means you must know “where your strokes lie” and “dot your card” accordingly. Most members who regularly play in team games and/or match play are familiar with this process. If you have questions about how to adjust, please contact any member of the Men’s Club Handicap Committee:

  • David Bacigalupi baci1786@aol.com 408-691-7474
  • Gary Chappell garymchappell@comcast.net 408-677-4153
  • Jim Seymour j1mseymour@sbcglobal.net 408-930-8299

For the 0-9 handicap players, the “GROSS double” no longer applies. If you stroke on a hole, the maximum postable score is now a GROSS Triple (NET double). If you stroke on #6, your max is now 6, not 5. Likewise, on #3, #12, #18, etc. if you stroke, the max is now 7, not 6. BE AWARE.

For the 10-19 handicap players, the “maximum GROSS 7” no longer applies. With a stroke on #6, your max is now 6, not 7. On the non-stroke holes like #4, #11, #7, #14, the max is NET double (max 5 on the par 3’s, max 6 on the par 4’s). On your stroke holes, the par 4’s are still max 7, BUT with a stroke on a par 5 it is now a max 8, not 7. If you’re a 19 with 2 strokes on #3, it’s now a max 8! BE AWARE.

For the 20-29 handicap players, the “maximum GROSS 8” no longer applies. With a stroke on #6, your max is now 6, not 8 (25-29 with 2 strokes = max 7). Two strokes on the longer par 4’s (#3, #12, #18, etc.) still allows a maximum 8, but pay attention to the shorter par 4’s where you only get 1 stroke and a max 7, not 8. BE AWARE.

For the 30-39 handicap players, the “maximum GROSS 9” no longer applies. With 2 stokes on #6, the max is now 7, not 9. Likewise, on the par 4 holes, the max is now 8, not 9. (Unless you get 3 strokes on #3, #5, or #12, when the max is 9) On the par 5’s, the max is now 8, not 9. BE AWARE.

For the 40 and above handicap players, “Dot your card” and BE AWARE of the new rules.

A quick discussion about ”picking-up”, an “x score”, etc.

Unless you are playing in a competition where the total score (gross or net) is used to determine the outcome, there will be some holes where you cannot make a score equal to “maximum postable”. Considering Pace of Play, it is best to “pick-up” and record an “x score” (maximum postable score).

Use the above guidelines to record the maximum postable score on those holes for posting purposes.

There will be another posting soon to discuss the impact on match play, conceded holes, team play scores, “out of the hole”, etc. and how to record your hole score and final “postable score”.


Upcoming Men's Golf Club Events

February 8th
President's Day Tournament

Click HERE for event details.
To see a listing of ALL Men's Golf Club tournaments for 2020, click HERE


2020 Home & Home Tournaments

For the full schedule of 2020 events, click HERE or check the posting room.

If you have questions about the 2019 Home and Home Program:


Welcome 2020 New Members
Maybe one is living in your neighborhood or right next door. Give them a call if you have a slot in your foursome or are looking for a playing partner. Click HERE to see a list of all 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015 new members.

January 2020

Dave Steadman, 5030 Cribari Vale
Andy Altman, 7119 Via Portada
Tomas Mendoza, 5537 Cribari Circle
Scott Stephens, 7806 Prestwick Circle
Randy Shaw, 6262 Blauer Lane


Congratulations to Hole-In-One and Eagle Shooters for 2020!!



Eagle Shooters

Quincy Virgilio, Hole #9 on January 8th
Paul Swinson, Hole #9 on January 22nd
Clay Wahlgren, Hole #15 on January 27th


Membership and events are for The Villages Golf and Country Club residents and their guests.