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Elections, Elections, Elections

I have appointed a Nominating/ Election Sub-Committee for the upcoming elections to the Men’s Golf Club Executive Committee, to start serving in 2022. I have “volunteered” Vice Chairman/Treasurer Ken Peters, and former General Chairmen Gary Chappell and George Olson to recruit candidates to fill the 2-3 positions for next year. If you are interested in being a candidate, contact any of the Nominating Sub-Committee.

Besides being nominated by the Nominating Sub-Committee, any member may become a candidate for election by written petition endorsed by at least 10% of the Membership. This petition must be submitted to the General Chairman no later than 5p.m. Monday, September 20, 2021.

Please refer to the 2021 Men’s Golf Club Handbook (pages 21 &22) for more details, and contact any of the Nominating Sub-Committee with any questions.

David “Baci” Bacigalupi, General Chairman


2021 Evergreen Invitational

Evergreen Invitational at Full Capacity: But Waiting List is Open! Thanks to all the teams who have entered this year’s Invitational. An excellent turnout! However, you can still sign your team up as an alternate in case a team drops out. (Which does happen!) You can add your team on the wait list by filling out the entry form located at the Men’s Club website villagesgolfers.com or just head to the Pro Shop. Looking forward to September 23-25 for a great three days of golf, food and competition!


  • October 16th, 2021
  • Click HERE for Tournament details.


New Members for 2021


Mike Wu, 5501 Cribari Bend


Art Gonzalez, 5200 Cribari Hills
Howard Roberts, 3325 Lake Albano 
Chuck Benjamin, 6336 Whaley Dr.
Marty Funcell, 8371 Reisling Wy


Steve Holland, 5481 Cribari Green
Jay Pinson, 7745 Kilmarnok


Michael Votta, 5149 Cribari Pl
Steve Simler, 8745 McCarty Ranch Dr
Dave Gutierrez, 3359 Bollsena Ct


Dave Manson, 6149 Montgomery Pl
Chuck Park, 6356 Whaley Dr
Taegyu Kim, 8020 Pinot Noir Ct
Rick Kuhle, 7355 Via Laguna
Chuck Flanigan, 8693 Lomas Azules Ct
Rusty Weekes, 3301 Lake Lesina


Rajendra Naidoo, 6197 Gerdts Dr