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Sr. Net Championship - 5/12/2018

Dennis Conway
Overall Champion

This year's Senior Net Championship was held on Saturday, May 12th. The weather was perfect for the field of 88 golfers followed by a very nice lunch and "Speed of Play" presentation by our Head Pro, Scott Steele. The tournament consisted of four flights based on the age of golfers, flight 1 representing the younger golfers up through flight 4 as the oldest. Scoring was individual low net.

Our Overall Winner with a net score of 64 was Dennis Conway! Congratulations Dennis!

Here are the winners of each flight:

Larry Martinson
Flight #2 Winner
Leo Ruth
Flight #3 Winner
Gary Sharps
Flight #4 Winner

Flight #1 (Ages 55-65)

  • 1st Place:    66   Jorge Breton
  • 2nd Place:  69   Willy Bowman
  • 3rd Place:   70   Joe Cancilla
  • 4th Place:   70   Bill Drabik
  • 5th Place:   71   Mickey Wagle
  • 6th Place:   72   Vince Rossi

Flight #2 (Ages 66-72) 

  • 1st Place:    67   Larry Martinson 
  • 2nd Place:   71   Bob Dolci
  • 3rd Place:    71   Hal Hallock
  • 4th Place:    71   Ray Struck
  • 5th Place:    73   Bob Hooper
  • 6th Place:    73   Jim Holt

Flight #3 (Ages 73-76) 

  • 1st Place:    65   Leo Ruth
  • 2nd Place:   66   Larry Angel
  • 3rd Place:    67   Dave Parker
  • 4th Place:    67   Dick Fisher
  • 5th Place:    68   Jim Keane
  • 6th Place:    68   Ron Robinson

Flight #4 (Ages 77-88) 

  • 1st Place:    64   Gary Sharps
  • 2nd Place:   66   Jesse Ramirez
  • 3rd Place:    66   Paul Lewis
  • 4th Place:    67   John Delaney
  • 5th Place:    68   Mike Singleton
  • 6th Place:    68   Chulho Kim

Closest to the Hole #11

  • From #3 Tees - David Cook - 10' 10"
  • From #4 Tees - Gary Ashby - 5' 7"

Upcoming Men's Golf Club Events 

June 9th
Summer Open

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2018 Home & Home Tournaments

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Welcome 2018 New Members
Maybe one is living in your neighborhood or right next door. Give them a call if you have a slot in your foursome or are looking for a playing partner. Click HERE to see a list of all 2017, 2016, and 2015 new members.

April 2018
Victoriano Castillo
Terry Slack
Jay McAmis


Congratulation to Hole-In-One and Eagle Shooters!!


Norvel Ney - Shot a HIO on #11 on January 25th

For every Hole-In-One (to collect up to $400 insurance) and Eagle (to get name recognition), the golfer must notify the Pro Shop and submit a scorecard signed with two witness signatures of other foursome/threesome players.

April EAGLE Shooters - Congratulations!

Jorge Breton - #7 on April 21st. Great shot Jorge!


2017 Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon
The Men’s Golf Club held their annual Fall Classic Tournament followed by the Annual Awards Meeting and Luncheon on October 14th, 2017. Trophies were presented to the golfers that won the 2017 trophy-designated tournaments. 
If you run into one of them, give them a hearty handshake and congratulate them for their trophy win or award.
First, Congratulations!! to the golfers that won key tournaments and trophies during the 2017 golf season:


Club Championships
Five Flights - 86 golfers participated

Flight 1:
Kyle Finley

Flight 2:
Matt Galloway

Flight 3:
C K Kim

Flight 4:
Ron Burke

Flight 5:
Jim Keane

 Club Champion
Patrick Walter


Player of the Year

20 Players accumulated enough points to play in the final POTY tournament of the year. Congratulations to all that qualified!

 Player of the Year
Kyle Finley



Member/Member Championship

Flight 1:
Brad Baldinger &
 Mark Garcia

Flight 2:
Tom Morse &
Paul Nadeau

Flight 3:
Terry Barnhart &
Joel Levine



Overall Champions:

Bob Spoor &
Paul Swinson


Evergreen Invitational

Flight One:
John Butler &
Steve Short
Flight Two:
Dave Parker &
Jeff Krogen
Horse Race Winners:
1st: Jim Seymour/Bill Garringer
2nd: Kyle Finley/Mike Casey
3rd: Michael Schwerin/ Jonathan Barr
Evergreen Invitational Champions
& Flight 3 Winners:
Kirk Garrison &
Greg Garrison


Senior Net Championships

   Flight 1 (65 & under)    Patrick Barber
   Flight 2 (66 - 72)    Paul Brann
   Flight 3 (73-76)    Dom Carradero
   Flight 4 (77 & above)    Bob Wilk


2018 Executive Committee Members

General Chairman 
David Bacigalupi
Secretary & VGC Rep.
Gary Chappell
Publicity/Web Chairman
Kyle Finley
Treasurer & HIO Chairman
Jim Seymour
Tournament Co-Chairman
Jim Danielski
Tournament Co-Chairman
Ray Blinde
Evergreen Chairman
Jeff Buckingham
Home & Home Chairman
Geoff Gault
Membership, Handicap, NCGA, Rules Chairman
David Gonzales

The names and contact information for all Executive Committee members are listed in the Posting Room or you can click on the "Executive Committee" link in the links matrix at the beginning of this Home Page. The Executive Committee welcomes your input, so contact them if you have questions, ideas or want to volunteer.

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