2020 World Handicap System

by Jim Seymour on February 25th 2020

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2020 Changes to the Handicap System

Effective January 1st, 2020

Immediate Impact: What is your Postable Score for each round played?

This is a change from the current ESC system of “maximum double, 7, 8, or 9, based on handicap.”

NEW: The maximum score on any hole, for posting purposes, is NET double-bogey.

1. You must adjust the GROSS score on all holes (if greater than NET double), AND

2. Then adjust your Total POSTABLE score prior to posting

This means you must know “where your strokes lie” and “dot your card” accordingly. Most members who regularly play in team games and/or match play are familiar with this process. If you have questions about how to adjust, please contact any member of the Men’s Club Handicap Committee:

  • David Bacigalupi baci1786@aol.com 408-691-7474
  • Gary Chappell garymchappell@comcast.net 408-677-4153
  • Jim Seymour j1mseymour@sbcglobal.net 408-930-8299

For the 0-9 handicap players, the “GROSS double” no longer applies. If you stroke on a hole, the maximum postable score is now a GROSS Triple (NET double). If you stroke on #6, your max is now 6, not 5. Likewise, on #3, #12, #18, etc. if you stroke, the max is now 7, not 6. BE AWARE.

For the 10-19 handicap players, the “maximum GROSS 7” no longer applies. With a stroke on #6, your max is now 6, not 7. On the non-stroke holes like #4, #11, #7, #14, the max is NET double (max 5 on the par 3’s, max 6 on the par 4’s). On your stroke holes, the par 4’s are still max 7, BUT with a stroke on a par 5 it is now a max 8, not 7. If you’re a 19 with 2 strokes on #3, it’s now a max 8! BE AWARE.

For the 20-29 handicap players, the “maximum GROSS 8” no longer applies. With a stroke on #6, your max is now 6, not 8 (25-29 with 2 strokes = max 7). Two strokes on the longer par 4’s (#3, #12, #18, etc.) still allows a maximum 8, but pay attention to the shorter par 4’s where you only get 1 stroke and a max 7, not 8. BE AWARE.

For the 30-39 handicap players, the “maximum GROSS 9” no longer applies. With 2 stokes on #6, the max is now 7, not 9. Likewise, on the par 4 holes, the max is now 8, not 9. (Unless you get 3 strokes on #3, #5, or #12, when the max is 9) On the par 5’s, the max is now 8, not 9. BE AWARE.

For the 40 and above handicap players, “Dot your card” and BE AWARE of the new rules.

A quick discussion about ”picking-up”, an “x score”, etc.

Unless you are playing in a competition where the total score (gross or net) is used to determine the outcome, there will be some holes where you cannot make a score equal to “maximum postable”. Considering Pace of Play, it is best to “pick-up” and record an “x score” (maximum postable score).

Use the above guidelines to record the maximum postable score on those holes for posting purposes.

There will be another posting soon to discuss the impact on match play, conceded holes, team play scores, “out of the hole”, etc. and how to record your hole score and final “postable score”.

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