New Members of the Mens Golf Club

Welcome to the Men's Golf Club

A hearty welcome to the new members of the Men's Golf Club. Maybe one is living in your neighborhood or right next door. Give them a call if you have a slot in your foursome or are looking for a playing partner.


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27 new members joined the club in 2017


George Welch, 7616 Stoneshire Court

John Ochsner, 6359 Whaley Drive


Larry Henig, 8701 Lomas Azules Place

Ken Rem, 8688 Lomas Azules Place

Shel Schumaker, 8746 Grenache Court


Sherwin Bajao, 8111 Cabernet Court

Peter Ligeti, 8838 Wine Valley Circle


Walter Fox, 7837 Prestwick Circle

Richard James, 7912 Caladonia Drive

Donald Armstrong, 6226 Gerdt's Drive


Larry Chambers, 6003 Montgomery Corner

Michael Sunzeri, 6130 Montgomery Court


Jonathan Cohen, 7310 via Piedra

Jerry Ryckewaert, 7397 via Canteras


Larry Gonzales, 7667 Helmsdale Drive

Michael Actman, 8460 Traminer Ct.


Frank Bell, 8474 Grenache Court

David Kim, 3329 Lake Albano Circle

Ed Ingoglia, 6118 Montgomery Court

Joe Cancilla, 7884 Moorfoot Court

Phil Ochs, 8030 Pinot Noir Court

Phillip Castaneda, 8052 Chardonay Court

John Noce, 7535 Morevern Circle


Vince Rossi, 7729 Via Sendero


Jorge Breton, 8789 Grape Wagon Circle

George Paris, 8759 McCarty Ranch Drive

Paul Swenson, 6242 Gerdts Drive


33 new members joined the club in 2016

December 2016

John Velcamp, 7855 Prestwick Circle
Donald Kludt, 3322 Lake Albano Circle

November 2016

Konrad Diebold, 3335 Lake Albano Circle

October 2016

Wayne Bodamer, 8826 Wine Valley Circle

Robert Dominguez, 8664 American Oak Drive

Yen Chang, 7308 Via Piedra

September 2016

David Leung, 8650 Solera Drive

Mani Hernandez, 7230 via Sendero

Wayne Hokanson, 8068 Winery Court

Robert Spoor, 6236 Gerdt's Drive

July 2016

Steve Grady, 7110 Via Portada

Doug Canepa, 7237 Via Mimosa

Gino Skulick, 8437 Chenin Blanc Lane

Al Girolami, 3115 Lake Albano Circle

Leo Ruth, 7546 Morevern Circle

Rob Davis, 7647 Falkirk Drive

David Wendt, 5104 Cribari Place

June 2016

Paul Nadeau, 7822 Prestwick Circle

May 2016

Sheldon Rosenblum, 7910 Caledonia Dr.

Brad Baldinger, 7043 Via Valverde

Frank Fiala, 8708 Lomas Azules Place

David Rollo, 8744 McCarty Ranch Dr.

Phillip Robinson, 8079 Winery Ct.

April 2016

Kyle Finley, 7518 Deveron Ct.

Patrick Walter, 7761 Beltane Dr.

Bob Kratti, 3206 Lake Garda Dr.

March 2016

Ron Gustafson, 3362 Bolsena Ct.

February 2016

Edward Ng, 7554 Morevern Circle

Poh Gwee, 5228 Cribari Dale

Ron Ellis, 3209 Bracciano Ct.

Jim Stonehouse, 7880 Moorfoot Ct.   

Damian Chang, 8888 Wine Valley Circle

January 2016

Jerry Bemis, 8753 McCarty Ranch Drive


42 new members joined the club in 2015!!

December 2015

John Arnold, 4015 Wimbledon Court

Steve Wrigglesworth, 4001 Clubhouse Court

Lee Thompson, 2065 Folle Blanche Drive

John Butler, 7227 Via Sendero

November 2015

Dennis Balanesi, 8749 McCarty Ranch Drive

Leland Doon, 5491 Cribari Bend

Neil Muldoon, 7937 Caledonia Drive

October 2015

Bob Dolci, 6211 Wehner Way

Mike Jablon, 5172 Cribari Knolls

September 2015

Norvel Ney, 8075 Winery Ct.

Jin Choi, 7622 Stoneshire Ct.

Barry Hubbard, 8606 Vineyard Creek Ct.

August 2015

Bill DeVincenzi, 9012 Village View Drive

Patrick Barber, 8801 Grape Wagon Circle

Brian Dombrowski, 8019 Pinot Noir Court

Michael Kelley, 7235 Via Mimosa

David Wittmayer, 8391 Riesling Way

July 2015

Thomas Rossi, 2083 Mataro Way

June 2015

Jose Escamilla, 7522 Devron Court

David Hathaway, 4022 Wimbledon Court

Chang Cha, 2047 Folle Blanche Drive

Eric Parker, 8466 Traminer Court

Sean Kelly, 9042 Village View Loop

May 2015

Scott Thomas, 7519 Devron Court

Joe Spada, 4013 Wimbledon Court

Fred Bartley, 5258 Cribari Heights

April 2015

David Holbrook, 5425 Cribari Court

Dale Shipley, 8890 Wine Valley Circle

March 2015

Michael Schwerin, 4012 Clubhouse Court

Jack Bye, 5121 Caribari Place

Tim Short, 9038 Valley View Loop

February 2015

Doug Lamb, 6028 Montgomery Court

Tom Schramm, 3315 Lake Albano Circle

Doug Moore, 7210 Via Amparo

January 2015

Roy Wash, 9059 Village View Loop

Gary Swenson, 6129 Montgomery Court

Robert Wagle, 3425 Lake Albano Circle

Mickey Adelman, 5204 Cribari Hills

Bob Mize, 5094 Cribari Place

Jim Wiley, 5213 Cribari Dale

Ronald Robinson, 8321 Pinotage Court

Homin Lim, 7200 Via Carrizo



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