New Members of the Mens Golf Club

Welcome to the Men's Golf Club

A hearty welcome to the new members of the Men's Golf Club. Maybe one is living in your neighborhood or right next door. Give them a call if you have a slot in your foursome or are looking for a playing partner.


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20 new members joined the club in 2021


Robert Antee, 5511 Cribari Bend


Chuck Caldera, 5572 Cribari Circle
Rob Hands, 3134 Lake Garda Dr


Mike Wu, 5501 Cribari Bend


Art Gonzalez, 5200 Cribari Hills
Howard Roberts, 3325 Lake Albano 
Chuck Benjamin, 6336 Whaley Dr.
Marty Funcell, 8371 Reisling Wy


Steve Holland, 5481 Cribari Green
Jay Pinson, 7745 Kilmarnok


Michael Votta, 5149 Cribari Pl
Steve Simler, 8745 McCarty Ranch Dr
Dave Gutierrez, 3359 Bollsena Ct


Dave Manson, 6149 Montgomery Pl
Chuck Park, 6356 Whaley Dr
Taegyu Kim, 8020 Pinot Noir Ct
Rick Kuhle, 7355 Via Laguna
Chuck Flanigan, 8693 Lomas Azules Ct
Rusty Weekes, 3301 Lake Lesina


Rajendra Naidoo, 6197 Gerdts Dr


26 new members joined the club in 2020

December 2020

Pete Manibo, 8700 Lomas Azules Pl.

November 2020

Ray Brown, 8305 Chianti Court
Alan Chase, 7810 Prestwick Circle

October 2020

Marvin Kelley, 7555 Morevern Circle
Larry Soto, 8500 Grenache Court

September 2020

Dave Masters, 6084 Montgomery Court
Vincent Mays, 8500 Grenache Court

August 2020

John Gruendler, 3402 Lake Garda Drive
Bob Costa, 9054 Village View Loop

July 2020

Greg Sargeant, 7519 Deveron Court
Steve Tomei, 8818 Wine Valley Circle
Reggie Smith, 3366 Bolsena Court

June 2020

Hyeong Kim, 8125 Cabernet Court

May 2020

Larry Cohn, 7655 Falkirk
John Olson, 8452 Traminer Court

March 2020

David Storvis, 7057 Via Belmonte
Bob McAdams, 7220 VIa Sendero
Michael Guidry, 6293 Blauer Lane

February 2020

Marlo Beltrano, 7609 Halladale Court
Jim Hansell, 2023 Carignan Way
John Ochsner, 6359 Whaley Drive

January 2020

Dave Steadman, 5030 Cribari Vale
Andy Altman, 7119 Via Portada
Tomas Mendoza, 5537 Cribari Circle
Scott Stephens, 7806 Prestwick Circle
Randy Shaw, 6262 Blauer Lane


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