2017 Home and Home Schedule

2017 Home and Home Events

All Home & Home events are PM Shotgun starts. Dates and times are subject to change. Watch the Posting Room bulletin board for changes. Players are selected by draw. The number of players selected can vary depending on arrangements made with the other club(s). Players who

fail to cancel 3 days prior to the event or who are no-shows will be billed the event fee. Players are encouraged to find a replacement player when they are unable to play.

For more information on signing up for Home & Home events, contact Jack McCarthy at
(408) 239-0626.



April 6 (Thurs)

@ Almaden w/San Jose

April 13  (Thurs)

@ Villages w/San Jose & Almaden

April 18 (Tues)

@ San Jose w/Almaden

June 7 (Wed)

@ Villages w/Half Moon Bay & Crazy Horse Ranch

June 27  (Tues)

@ Villages w/Silver Creek

July 26 (Wed)

@ Villages w/La Rinconada

August 1 (Tues)

@ La Rinconada

August 12 (Thurs) @ Villages w/Bayonet

August 22 (Tues)

@ Crazy Horse Ranch w/Bayonet

September 28 (Thurs)

@ Silver Creek w/Half Moon Bay

October 12 (Thurs)

@ Bayonet w/Crazy Horse Ranch


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