Veterans Day Tournament


Veteran's Day Tournament

Saturday, November 11th

8:30 AM Shotgun

FORMAT: Foursomes; All players play 6 from #2 tees; 6 from #3 tees and 6 from #4 tees, assigned on score card. 2 Best Balls of 4-Man Team. Flighted.

SIGN UP IN PRO SHOP: Starting Oct 28th thru Nov 9th by 10:00am. Sign-up either as a team, or individually, and the pro shop will pair you with other players to form a team.

ENTRY FEE: $15.00 plus Green Fee - all billed to the players home.

HANDICAPS: 100% of November 9th Handicap Index

Each player will be provided with a labeled American Flag and will print their name on it. The players will plant their flag next to the ball whenever their score reaches NET 72 + their Handicap. For example, a player with a 10 handicap would plant his flag where his 82nd shot comes to rest.

Players whose last shot comes to rest on any green, or in the hole before their score reaches NET 72, will place their flags to the right of the green in the fringe area.

Players who shoot NET 72 or less on their final hole will place their flag in the circle at the back of the green and will receive a $15 Sweeps Credit.


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