2018 Tournament Results


Holiday Tournament - 12/8/2018

Results Summary

Closest to the Hole #11 - $10 each
0-9 HCP              Jim Holt              7’0”
10-18 HCP          Pres Miranda     2’ 2.5”
19+ HCP             David Cook        10’ 9.5”

Flight #1

1st Place              $40 each            40 PTS                Brad Baldinger / Mark Garcia                           

2nd Place             $33 each            39 PTS                Michael Schwerin / David Gonzales

3rd Place             $25 each            39 PTS                Arnold Bernal / Dennis Conway

4th Place             $20 each            38 PTS                Kyle Finley / Ted Briscoe

5th Place             $18 each            36 PTS                Bob Spoor / Paul Swinson

6th Place             $15.50 each       35 PTS                Jorge Breton / Lisi Bettencourt

Flight #2

1st Place              $40 each            47 PTS                David Bacigalupi / Nick Corsello                         

2nd Place             $33 each            44 PTS                Winston Bannister / Jessie Martinez

3rd Place             $25 each            42 PTS                Dave Needham / George Driscoll

4th Place             $20 each            41 PTS                Ray Leisy / Bob Wilk

5th Place             $18 each            38 PTS                Pres Miranda / Jesse Ramirez

6th Place             $15.50 each       35 PTS                Ken Rem / Rick James

Flight #3

1st Place              $40 each            47 PTS                Terry Barnhart / Bob Dando                 

2nd Place             $33 each            41 PTS                Jim Keane / Mike Poellot

3rd Place             $25 each            38 PTS                Hugh Fahrner / Ronald Hayes

4th Place             $20 each            37 PTS                David Cook / Peter Ligetti

5th Place             $18 each            36 PTS                Gary Walden / Bill DeVincenzi

6th Place             $15.50 each       31 PTS                Larry Martinson / Paul Lewis

Veteran's Day Tournament

Results Summary

Flight #1
1st         $35 each           117       JOHN SEEGER, MICHAEL SCHWERIN, DAVID GONZALES, WILLIE BOWMAN
2nd        $25 each           117       FRANK BELL, RAY LEISY, BOB KRATTLI, MATT GALLAWAY
3rd         $18.75 each     118       GARY CHAPPELL, BILL JOHNSTON, DENNIS CONWAY, ARNOLD BERNAL

Flight #2
1st         $35 each           114       MIKE MCCLURE, BILL DRABIK, JIM SEYMOUR, LISI BETTENCOURT
2nd        $25 each           120       SHEL ROSENBLUM, RICK JAMES, RICHARD CROTSLEY, DOM CARRADERO
3rd         $18.75 each     120       JOHNNY MOORE, MANI HERNANDEZ, PRES MIRANDA, BOB DOLCI

Flight #3
1st         $35 each           114       TERRY BARNHART, BOB DANDO, DON FERNANDEZ, JIM KEANE
2nd        $25 each           116       CLAY WAHLGREN, BOB LIPPERT, BOB HOFFMAN
3rd         $18.75 each     117       DAVID COOK, DAVID KORB, LARRY PETERSON, JESSE RAMIREZ

POTY Tournament - 11/3/2018

The Player of the Year (POTY) Tournament was held last Saturday. 15 of the top 20 players by points competed and the title of 2018 Player of the Year goes to Arnold Bernal! Arnold is pictured here receiving his trophy from one of our tournament chairmen, Ray Blinde, and will also have his framed picture hanging in the posting room for the next year. You can see all the results of the tournament and the final POTY standings below. Make sure to congratulate Arnold when you see him.

Fall Classic & Annual Meeting - 10/13/2018

We had a fantastic day on the golf course on Saturday, October 13th with 97 golfers participating,  followed by our annual luncheon and Trophy awards presentation. Thanks to the Pro Shop staff for their assistance with sign ups and scoring.

Congratulations to the the winners of each flight listed below:

Flight #1
1st Place $60 - Kyle Finley (64)
2nd Place $50 - John Butler (65)
3rd Place $40 - Steve Grady (67)
4th Place $35 - Willie Bowman (67)
5th Place $25 - David Leung (68)
6th Place $20 - Bill Drabik (68)
7th Place $15 - Jorge Breton (68)
Flight #2
1st Place $60 - Tom Nedney (66)
2nd Place $50 - Bob Maass (71)
3rd Place $40 - Larry Martinson (72)
4th Place $35 - Rich James (72)
5th Place $25 - Jim Brigham (72)
6th Place $20 - Dennis Conway (72)
7th Place $15 - Mani Hernandez (73)
Flight #3
1st Place $60 - Shel Rosenblum (72)
2nd Place $50 - Bob Hoffman (72)
3rd Place $40 - Noel Lanctot (73)
4th Place $35 - Larry Dorsey (73)
5th Place $25 - John Thomas (74)
6th Place $20 - Nick Corsello (75)
7th Place $15 - Bill Johnston (75)
Flight #4
1st Place $60 - Joel Levine (64)
2nd Place $50 - Mike Singleton (65)
3rd Place $40 - Terry Barnhart (66)
4th Place $35 - Gary Sharps (68)
5th Place $25 - Jan Champion (70)
6th Place $20 - Bud Sanders (70)
7th Place $15 - Michael Haupt (72)



Congratulations to the following winners of each flight.

Our New Club Champion: Brad Baldinger

1st Flight Winner: Gary Chappell

2nd Flight Winner: Jim Seymour

3rd Flight Winner: George Olson

4th Flight Winner: Bob Maass

Club Champion Brad Baldinger

Great playing guys! Below are the final results and payouts for each flight. 


Winner                                  $80                 Brad Baldinger

Runner-Up                            $60                 Jim Holt

Semi Finals                           $30                 Michael Tuft
                                                                     Patrick Walter

Quarter Finals                     $18.75              Geoff Gault
                                                                     Bob Dolci
                                                                     Jorge Breton
                                                                     David Gonzales


Winner                                  $80                 Gary Chappell                   

Runner-Up                            $60                 Charles Leu

Semi Finals                           $30                 John Thomas
                                                                     David Korb

Quarter Finals                     $18.75              Larry Angel
                                                                     Mark Garcia
                                                                     Ted Briscoe
                                                                     David Salvatierra   


Winner                                  $80                 Jim Seymour                  

Runner-Up                            $60                 John Butler

Semi Finals                           $30                 Ted Pranschke
                                                                     Pres Miranda

Quarter Finals                     $18.75              Lisi Bettencourt
                                                                     Larry Chambers
                                                                     John Seeger
                                                                     Michael Actman         


Winner                                  $80                 George Olson            

Runner-Up                            $60                 Victor Castillo

Semi Finals                           $30                 Willie Bowman
                                                                     David Hathaway

Quarter Finals                     $18.75              Mike Singleton
                                                                     Gary Swenson
                                                                     Bob Robles
                                                                     Ken McDougall   


Winner                                  $80                 Bob Maass                       

Runner-Up                            $60                 Jim Keane

Semi Finals                           $30                 Shel Rosenblum
                                                                     Terry Barnhart


Member-Member - 8/4-5/2018

We had a fantastic 2-day Member-Member Tournament on Saturday and Sunday, August 4th & 5th, with 94 golfers participating followed by a sandwich and beer scoring party at the Gazebo! Over half the field were winners in either sweeps or the optional cash pool. Thanks to the Pro Shop staff for their assistance with sign ups and scoring.

Our Overall Winners with a 2-day score of 127 were the team of Mike Tuft and John Riehm Congratulations guys!

Here are the winners of each flight:


1st Place $70/each: Dennis Conway, Arnold Bernal

2nd Place $60/ each: Jeff Buckingham, Mike O’Grady

3rd Place $50/ each: David Gonzales, John Seeger

4th Place $40/each: Mark Garcia, Brad Baldinger

5th Place $30/each: Vincent Rossi, Frank Bell

6th Place $20/each: Michael Schwerin,  John Butler


1st Place $70/each: Paul Swinson, Robert Spoor

2nd Place $60/each: Ron Robinson, Ken McDougall

3rd Place $50/each: Victor Castillo, George Welch

4th Place $40/each: Brooks Fuller, Hal Hallock

5th Place $30/each: Ray Struck, David Korb

6th Place $20/each: Guy Juarez, Neil Muldoon


1st Place $70/each: Jess Martinez, Larry Gonzales

2nd Place $60/each: Noel Lanctot, Mike Singleton

3rd Place $50/each: Jesse Ramirez, Jon Ramirez

4th Place $40/each: David Hathaway, David Cook

5th Place $30/each: Tom Fedrow, Bob Lippert

6th Place $20/each: Hugh Fahrner,  Jerry Block

Closest To The Pin


0-9 HCP: Jim Valenti 15’11”

10-18 HCP: John Butler 15’

18+ HCP: David Hathaway 3’11”


0-9 HCP: Bob Dolci  4’8”

10-18 HCP: Chulho Kim 3’11”

18+ HCP: Noel Lanctot 6’’2”

Evergreen Invitational - 7/12-14/2018


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