2020 Tournament Results


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2020 Club Championship Results

Congratulations to our new Club Champion, Mike Tuft, pictured above with his lovely caddie (wife) Gail, who won with a 7 and 6 victory in the hard fought, two-day battle. Scratch golf played from the #5 Tees brought out the best in both Mike and his opponent, Mark Garcia.

In addition, Congratulations to all of our flight winners below:

  • 1st Flight: Michael Guidry
  • 2nd Flight: Jeff Buckingham
  • 3rd Flight: Jim Hansell
  • 4th Flight: Gary Sharps
  • 5th Flight: Clayton Krinard

Thank you to all the participants for some exciting and competitive matches!

St. Patrick's Day Results

We were able to dodge the rain and had yet another great turnout with 120 players participating in this four-man team, 2 BB Net with a Shamrock ball. Congratulations to all the winners:

Flight #1          
1st 133 Breton Martinez Parker Juarez
2nd 137 Holt Tuft Chappell Altman
3rd 139 Grady Tobler Ochsner Seymour
Flight #2          
1st 134 Valenti Gallegos Logg Goff
2nd TIE 138 Rossi  Jarvis Bell Ligetti
2nd TIE 138 Drabik Murphy Robinson Steadman
2nd TIE 138 Mendoza Leisy Wilk Krattli
Flight #3          
1st 130 Morse Champion Carradero Casey
2nd 132 Martinson McCarthy Lewis Rossi
3rd 135 Thomas Hernandez Moore Handyside
CLOSEST TO HOLE #11       
HCP 0-9   Kyle Finley   18' 4"  
HCP 10-18   Leonard Townsend 3' 1"  
HCP 19+   Johnny Moore 25' 8"  

President's Day Results

Results Summary

Closest to the Hole #11      
$10 each        
0-10 HCP Leo Ruth 9 ft. 7 in.  
11-18 HCP Chon Gallegos 3 ft. 9 in.  
19+ HCP Jesse Ramirez 6 ft.    
1st FLIGHT     2nd Flight  
1st Place Arnold Bernal   1st Place Jesse Ramirez
132 Dennis Conway   127 Hal Hallock
$29.50 each Pres Miranda   $29.50 each Brooks Fuller
  Bill Johnston     Willy Weisend
2nd Place Jim Holt   2nd Place Johnny Moore
136 Gary Chappell   129 Jim Handyside
$25.50 each Micheal Tuft   $25.50 each Manny Hernandez
  Ken Peters     John Thomas
3rd Place Chon Gallegos   3rd Place Geoff Gault
137 Mickey Wagle   131 Don Kludt
$21.50 each Gary Swenson   $21.50 each Ken Cole
  Leo Ruth      
4th Place Quincy Virgilio   4th Place Ron Robinson
138 Paul Swinson   132 Tim Jarvis
$17.66 each Mickey Adelman   $17.66 each Brian Sullivan
  Ted Escobar     Bon Maass
3rd Flight        
1st Place Bob Lippert      
124 Clay Wahlgren      
$29.50 each Ben Vitkov      
  Tom Fedrow      
2nd Place Ron Burke      
128 C.K. Kim      
$25.50 each Jin Danielski      
  Rick Jiloty      
3rd Place Terry Barnhart      
130 Bob Dando      
$21.50 each Victor Castillo      
  Sherwin Bajao      
4th Place Mike Singleton      
130 George Olson      
$17.66 each Gary Sharps      
  Noel Lanctot

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