Monthly Minutes

VMGC Executive Committee Minutes for January, 2021

Roll Call Present D. Bacigalupi. , M Tuft, K. Peters, L Dorsey, R. James. L Ruth. J Seymour, D Moore, G Welch,

 The following are the meeting notes with attachments for Finance, Evergreen and Home & Home

January 05, 2021 Meeting called to order by D. Bacigalupi at 8:35 AM

Minutes from the Dec meeting were not approved and still needed some minor clarifications.

2021 Green Book – discussion focused on how to convert as many as possible to online PDF copies to reduce the cost of printing.  As part of the conversation it was recognized that some people will never be converted so there will always be a need for some hard copies especially for the new bees

2) Secretaries /VGC Report - GW

a. Meeting minutes were not approved still need some minor clarifications

b. VGC - what’s happening - Charter is being redone with a goal of publishing by mid January and approval 30 Days later.  The main item Six club Committee will still be included with the new charter with new membership to be identified.

3) Director of Golf Report – S. S. Report was outlined with Scott touching on the plus and minus the main item being member play is up for the moment and tournaments are being scheduled with contingencies based on the flow down of rules of various government agencies.

4. Finance/Hole in One & Eagles report KP –

a. Finance report – published with no significant changes

b. Hole –in-One - New formats for the Data was presented by Ken with a request for constructive comments from the Executive Committee.  The report addresses Hole-in-one, Eagles ,  and who shot their age or better

Tournament Report – Larry Dorsey-Leo Ruth

a.      Trophy Oversight for the 6 Champion will be ordered this week.  Trophy presentation, pictures and publishing in the Villager will happen as quickly as possible.

b.      Member-Member Tournament format needs to be worked -  current format requires all golfers to be in socially unacceptable physical contact with each other.  Alternative means of communications and formatting need to be worked our and agreed to by Village management.  An alternative to the Shot gun start  - individual Tee times could be assigned.

Evergreen Report - - Richard James –

The following goals were out lined

a.      Form Committee in Feb.  with assignments

b.      Decision point needs to be determined in the Feb time frame with respect to holding the current planned date or changing the date to later in the year .  RJ and SS will work to find alternative date in the early fall time frame

Note – New date should not conflict with Tournament date for Almaden, San Joce CC ect as guess are typically drawn from these clubs.

Membership/Handicap/NCGA Rules Report  - Jim Seymour

a.      Membership gained 1 in Dec while losing 9

b.      Bud Sanders is going to run the Monday Money game so encourage people to join

c.       Most improved golfer is Dan Hernandez

Home & Home – Mike Tuft

a.      Schedule has been worked out and published

b.      Ability of the host club to define rules are up in the air – Everyone is waiting on the Governor – and supporting government agencies along with the delivery of the vaccine to  come up with ground rules to be followed.  When is the major TBD 


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